15 Best Semrush Features to Boost Your Website SEO

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Are you feeling low because you are lagging behind your competitor regarding ranking in search results? But don’t worry because Semrush features involve top-rated SEO practices that can benefit you in several ways.

It can do keyword research, site audits, competitor analysis, traffic analytics, and link building. Being the best content marketing tool, Semrush can boost your online presence and drive organic traffic to your website.

In this article, we’ll analyze deeply the Semrush features that will allow you to get ahead with your SEO strategy and improve your website’s search ranking.

Semrush Review


Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that conducts keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO audit, backlinking, and more. This software helps digital marketers follow the best SEO practices for better organic search traffic to their websites.

Several leading brands use this tool, such as Quora, Apple, HP, Booking.com, eBay, Amazon, Forbes, Samsung, and more.

Semrush Features vs. Google Analytics


Semrush and Google Analytics are the most popular analytic tools in digital marketing. They have some standard features, but they present different types of services.

The significant distinction between them is that Google Analytics helps marketers check the internal data on their websites. At the same time, Semrush analyzes external data and competitors’ websites.

Semrush Feature vs. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is quite similar to Semrush as it also does SEO and focuses on external features of competitors’ websites. But there are some differences between them too.

The significant difference between Semrush and Ahrefs is the metric they pay attention to. For instance, Semrush is your best option for analyzing SEO’s keyword research and technical aspect.

On the contrary, Ahrefs is apt for those digital marketers who want to explore link-building and backlinking strategies.

15 Top Semrush Features and Benefits to Boost SEO


Semrush provides excellent features that help you rank on Google through proper and strategic search engine optimization. Here are the 15 top benefits of Semrush:

1. Domain Overview


The Domain Overview helps you pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitors. You can gather detailed metrics on a site’s organic traffic, PPC marketing efforts, backlinks, engagement data, and more.

Semrush features - Domain Overview

2. Organic Research


Organic Research is a powerful feature that informs you how much traffic a site gets from Google. But the super element is that it presents the updated list of the keywords that a competitor’s site ranked for in Google search organically.

Thus, taking competitor’s keywords is one of the best keyword research practices for digital marketers. And Semrush is one of the leading SEO tools on the market to make that happen.

3. Market Explorer


Market Explorer presents you with the landscape of a specific niche. When you enter your site into Market Explorer, it will show you the “Established Players,” which are the giants in the place, and “Game Changers,” which are developing swiftly.

It will also display which sites get the massive traffic in that niche. It will help you research to discover who your competitors are. Thus, it makes your market research much more convenient.

4. SEO Content Template


This nifty feature is helpful for content writers to generate SEO content by providing them with suggestions on what keywords to target.

Semrush will automatically produce a template for content writers to create SEO-friendly material. This template includes the following:

  • Targeted text length
  • Readability
  • LSI keywords suggestions
  • Tone of Voice
  • Backlinking report
  • Analyze where the competitor’s using the keywords.

5. Position Tracking


This feature shows your site’s ranking over time and overall visibility on search engines. After entering a list of focused keywords, Semrush will analyze your rankings on Google.

6. Backlink Analytics


The Backlinking feature allows you to get more inbound links to your content. Digital marketers can use Semrush to analyze where your competitors are getting their backlinks. It also points out the total number of backlinks they have.

Overall, you can compare Semrush backlink checker with Ahrefs in several ways. Its features include domain authority metrics, known as “Authority Score” in Semrush, and anchor text breakdown.

Semrush backlink tool has a few outstanding features that Ahrefs doesn’t contain. For example, Semrush splits a site’s referring domains into specific categories.

Semrush features - Backlink Analytics

7. Advertising Research


Contrary to the other SEO tools, Semrush focuses on PPC to analyze the competitor’s exact ads. And also, how much traffic do those ads drive, and what is the CTR of the ads?

Semrush isn’t limited to PPC ads. It also shows an advertising feature in the app center called AdClarity. It not only makes you see their display ads. But you can even obtain a list of the sites they’re using to advertise on.

8. Traffic Analytics


Traffic Analytics lets you see the desktop and mobile traffic of your website. The other primary use of this feature is that you will notice where your traffic is coming from. It also helps you see how users engage with the website.

These traffic analytics include SEO, social media, other blogs, and direct traffic. It is highly useful for researchers, sales teams, and marketing managers to collect relevant data..

9. Site Audit


Semrush’s Site Audit helps you examine your website’s health and enhance your website’s SEO efficiency. It allows you to analyze the areas where your website fails to meet the requirements.

It also covers technical analysis to discover duplicate content, broken links, crawlability issues, internal linking, and implementation of HTTPS.

10. Keyword Magic Tool


It is one of the most popular and efficient tools on Semrush for doing keyword research. You can find specific niche topics, and add semantically related keywords, and relevant keywords to enhance your website’s overall SEO.

11. Keyword Gap Analysis


Keyword Gap Analysis allows you to compare your top five competitors’ keyword profiles in detail. After entering the domain and keyword ranking type, you will find the best opportunities for each website.

It will show you how many keywords overlap and which keywords you will find on the five websites they ranked for.

In this way, you can target keywords that are ranking good. But can rank higher with other strategies like on-page SEO or backlinking.

12. Keyword Overview


This feature helps you do a detailed analysis of a single keyword. You can find the search volume of a particular keyword, CPC, intent, competition level, keyword difficulty, and more.

One of the superb features is the massive set of keyword ideas you find here. Semrush produces keyword ideas in different forms, such as variations, questions, and related keywords.

Keyword variations are the types of terms you can generate independently. For instance, Semrush’s variations for the keyword “affiliate marketing.”

Conversely, the list of related “questions” is beneficial as it may not have come to your mind.

In “Related keywords,” you may not find the keywords you entered as your seed keyword. For instance, here are a few relevant keywords for “web development”:

Here, you can find that some of these keywords include the phrase “web development,” while others don’t. It helps you find diverse keyword ideas that would be difficult to consider.

Adding these keywords in H2, and H3s tags, in the copy of your post, and internal linking can be beneficial to rank your pages on the 1st page of Google Search.

Semrush features - Keyword Overview

13. Keyword Alert


In the past, digital marketers had to manually analyze which keywords had gone up or dropped down in rankings in the past few weeks. It was a hectic and laborious task.

Semrush’s Keyword Alert Tool comes in handy with an advanced alert system that keeps users aware of all the new changes in a keyword ranking. Semrush alerts via email whenever there is an issue with keyword ranking.

14. Keyword Tagging


This tool is used to follow your particular tag group’s growth metrics. It covers visibility percentage, average position, traffic analysis, and share of voice.

This powerful feature allows us to add multiple tags for all keywords at the time of uploading. Then, each member gets a report of recent search performance after entering their titles into Semrush.

15. Project Dashboard


The Project Dashboard gives you all the essential data you generated through Semrush in a summarized mode. It lets you get a broader picture of your project’s performance.

You can see your site’s health through Position Tracking and Site Audit. At the same time, you can get a more comprehensive analysis of the total traffic in the period through Organic Traffic Insights.

Pros and Cons of Semrush Features




  1. Extensive database: The data on Semrush is massive, as there are 21.1 billion keywords and the largest backlink database.
  2. Massive features: Semrush’s toolkit includes 50-plus tools related to SEO, Social Media, and PPC.
  3. Great value for money: You may think Semrush pricing is expensive but worth it. You find numerous SEO tools which make your website rank high.



  1. Data isn’t always accurate: As the traffic data you access in Semrush is only a rough estimate, it is not always correct.
  2. Data limited to only Google: This is one of the most significant drawbacks of Semrush, as you cannot collect data from Bing or other search engines.
  3. The User Interface is a little complex: Semrush is hard for beginners because there’s so much data. It makes them confused to know where to start.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Semrush for free?


Semrush provides you with a free account, but it has limited features. It also gives a 7-day free trial to explore premium tools with higher benefits.

What is monthly Semrush pricing?


A monthly subscription to Semrush starts from $120 and ends at the $450 business package. Its prices may vary depending on offers, seasonal discounts, or coupons.

What is Semrush Rank?


Semrush Rank is a score that enables you to find the domains driving the most traffic from organic search.

Final Thoughts


I have provided you with 15 great features for using Semrush to generate a comprehensive content marketing strategy. It will enhance your chances of ranking at the top of Search engine results.

If you have any problem regarding Semrush, contact us to find the best solutions for your confusion!

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